Dual-Touch Foil

Dual-Touch iPCT Touch Foil

Modified projected capacitive iPCT touch transparent thin iFoil

IFoil Pro is a modified projected capacitive iPCT thin, transparent foils that can be attached to glass or acrylic and precisely detect the touch of human fingers by electrostatic induction. The iFoil Pro can achieve up to 20 touch points through glass up to a maximum thickness of 8mm. It's available in sizes between 10" and 180"

Precision Touch

  • Supports 2 touch points
  • Precise Touch, Real-time Response
  • Mouse Function, Scaling and Rotation
  • Zero pressure touch. Can also use with gloves

Advanced Features

  • Can be attached to any non-metallic smooth surface
  • Flexible: Can be applied to a curved screen
  • Available in standard and custom sizes from 10" to 180"
  • Lower power consumption. Maximum power consumption is only 2.0W.

Aesthetically Pleasing

  • High Transparency. Light transmittance higher than 93%
  • Thin and lightweight. Thickness of only 0.17mm
  • No borders. Flat Appearance
  • Through glass touch. Maximum penetration distance of 8mm

Safe and Durable

  • Can be secured to the back of toughened glass, scratch resistant
  • Waterproof, Dustprooft, Anti-Acid and anti-corrosion
  • No exposed parts
  • Industrial Grade. Operating temperature -20 degrees C to +80 C