Infrared Multi-touch Overlay

Versatile, Robust and Affordable

Multitouch Infrared Overlay

The Infrared Multi-Touch Sensor extend beyond the active display area for expanded interaction. It goes beyond traditional single touch functions and enables multiple users to manipulate content and collaborate through gestures utilizing up to 40 Touch Points. The interaction with the screen, whether drawing, navigating, organizing or gaming, is fluid and responsive.

Key Features


Exceptional Touch,
Maximum Impact!

40-finger Multi-Touch input with palm rejection capability enables engaging single and multiple user interactions.

No Distractions, No Delay!

Sub-millisecond processing, zero-force sensing, and near-zero parallax deliver instant, accurate touch recognition.

All Sizes Available!

Fully customisable dimensions, applicable for large format displays and video walls up to 450".

Easy Installation, Small Shipment!

The Integration Kit with the robust corner connectors provides outstanding flexibility and makes it extremely easy to assemble.

Ultra-Thin, Ultra-Powerful!

The slimmest solid aluminum and scratch resistant frame can easily be integrated in any high-end commercial or exhibition environment.

Platform Independent!

The SensaTouch Overlay is platform independent and support all mainstream OS, like Windows 7 and 8, Mac OS X, Android, Linux and TUIO protocol.

Product Size Range

Resellers and integrators use the Multi-Touch Sensors to develop creative and customized solutions for customers in education, entertainment, tourism, consumer products, retail, government, and other industries. The Multi-Touch Sensors supports displays, 21.5" to 450", from desktop, large format LCD, plasma, projection displays to video walls and ultra-large format displays, into high-performance multi-touch screens.

Variable Product Size
Versatile Product Design

Versatile Product Design

The Sensor has a compact design with dimensions of: Width 19.5mm x Thick 8.1mm. The modular design of the overlay will allow customers to build seamless integration, as well as distribution into vertical markets, or direct application into custom solutions with the next generation IR technologies.

High Response Rate

With the benefit of the optimized touch point detection algorithm, the response rate of the sensor goes up to 150fps to provide sub-millisecond processing, zero-force sensing, and near zero parallax deliver instant, accurate touch and stylus recognition, creating a natural, intuitive and responsive interface.

High Response Rate
Single USB Powered

Single USB Powered

The Sensor is with a designed structure of Plug and Play simplicity that requires NO external power cord. They connect to any PC via a single USB connector, have no parts that wear or degrade over time and will perform flawlessly under all conditions.

Smart Assembly

The Sensor comes with an outstandingly designed structure - An Integration Kit, that makes it extremely easy to assemble and more robust with innovative connectors that have been tested to survive over 1,000 repeated assemblies. Such flexibility not only saves a great fortune for customers with reduced shipping costs, but also provides convenience and reliability in transportation.

Smart Assembly
Optional Waterproof Upgrade

Optional Waterproof Upgrade

The Sensor has an optional waterproof upgrade which makes it the ideal solution for multi-touch tables with no extra effort. Our bespoke range of waterproof sensors meets IP65 Standard, so you can rest assured they are truly waterproof (not simply water resistant).

Cross-Platform Compatibility

We offers advanced software development support for new applications and custom solutions. Our Sensor is smart enough to be fully compatible with both Windows 7, 8 and Android as well as other operation system ( Mac OS X and Linux) over Ethernet using the TUIO protocol. This gives developers full flexibility to harness the sensor's true multi-touch potential.

Cross-Platform Compatibility